Why St. Petersburg Attracts Business

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St. Petersburg, FL is a great city for business. The city blends the facilities and diversity of a large city together with the ambiance of a cozy small-town community. It is called the ‘Sunshine City’ and for good reason, as the city receives an average of 361 days of sunshine per year and daytime temperatures average around 83 degrees. This is primarily why the quality of life in St. Pete, as it’s commonly called, is beyond compare.

St. Pete is a Beautiful Place to Live and Work

You can enjoy the feel of a summer holiday even on a hectic work day. On days when you want to wind down, a trip with the family to a breathtaking beach or a peaceful day of playing golf is just around the corner. Florida’s fifth largest city houses a population of approximately 260,000 people. Whether you consider land area or population size, St. Petersburg is the largest city in Pinellas County. The residents have mostly settled in the southern part of the Pinellas peninsula.

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Convenient to get around

The city boasts a beautiful shoreline of 260 miles, since it is surrounded on 3 sides by water. You can find several exquisite waterfront neighborhoods while the downtown area is home to many picturesque, historic neighborhoods. Downtown is a favored place to live and for business because it is convenient to walk, bike or drive a moped to almost anywhere you want to go.

Varied Economy in St. Pete

St. Petersburg lies in the center of the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area which is the biggest household market in the state of Florida. The Tampa Bay Area has a population of nearly four million people as well as the revenue generated from a good number of Fortune 500 companies. Tourism is the driving factor that brings in the majority of revenue for the region. The greater Sun coast area sees over 4 million visitors a year, churning out a direct revenue of around $2 billion.

But in fact, the city’s economy is actually much more varied. Information technology, medical technology, financial services, marine sciences, and manufacturing are some of the leading industries in the city. In an effort to assist business start-up, relocation, and expansion, St. Petersburg offers several programs and endeavors.

City is growing quickly

Sectors like healthcare, public works, industrial and manufacturing plants benefit from financing rates that are under the conventional borrowing rates with the help of Industrial Revenue Bonds. It has been dubbed the ‘mega-market of the South’ as it is one of the fastest developing areas in Florida. A fast growing business in St. Pete is Monumental SEO, which provides marketing solutions for local and national businesses. You can find them on on their Facebook page – Monumental SEO, on Twitter, and Yelp – Monumental SEO Saint Petersburg.

St. Petersburg’s housing, as well as food costs, rank below the national averages. For this reason, the city is considered relatively inexpensive when compared to its rival cities like Port Charlotte, Sarasota, and Miami. The city benefits from the facilities of an incredible network of airports, interstate highways, ports and so on. Their utility infrastructure endeavors to provide excellent roads and bridges as well as enhanced traffic management, improved flood control, and superior surface water.

Good for businesses

As a whole, these amenities serve to strengthen business growth and work force commutes. So you can easily see why the city of St. Petersburg, FL, is a sun-filled land of opportunity for everyone who comes here. Being a creative, innovative and, competitive city, it fosters growth and business prospects to rival the best in the state.

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